3 Shocking Facts about Real Madrid Fans and Atletico Madrid Fans

Ten-times Champions League winners Real Madrid face local rivals Atlético Madrid in the Champions League final once again just after two years.  Having won 4-1 in 2014 with Ronaldo scoring a penalty in the final minute of extra time, the pressure will be on Real Madrid to emerge victorious again. Of course Atlético Madrid, who finished a close two points behind Real in La Liga this year will want their revenge.

Champions League Final  Source

With this exciting match scheduled tomorrow, we decided to turn up the heat by going all in to study the fans of both these Spanish clubs with our interest affinity technology, TopicDNA. And here is what we found, some of which is sure to shock you.

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FA Cup Supporter Showdown

It’s the FA Cup final today, the world’s oldest football competition. And this time it’s another one of our hometown teams, Manchester United, playing against Crystal Palace!

If you’re a football nut, you’ll probably be reading about the potential strategies and tactics Crystal Palace can use to exploit United’s vulnerabilities. But we’re not here to talk about all that. This article will give you an exclusive scoop about the real-world interests of supporters from both sides. Continue reading FA Cup Supporter Showdown

Introducing TopicDNA

So, we’ve gone and done it again. We’ve changed what you know about us and added a shiny new veneer. The reason why we’re plugging TopicDNA now isn’t because what we created before didn’t work. On the contrary, the technology we were building that determines your personality based on your music listening behaviours is still here. In fact, we’ve proven that it’s about 70 – 80% accurate on over 30,000 people around the world (who’ve taken the test via our demo app).

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