3 Shocking Facts about Real Madrid Fans and Atletico Madrid Fans

Ten-times Champions League winners Real Madrid face local rivals Atlético Madrid in the Champions League final once again just after two years.  Having won 4-1 in 2014 with Ronaldo scoring a penalty in the final minute of extra time, the pressure will be on Real Madrid to emerge victorious again. Of course Atlético Madrid, who finished a close two points behind Real in La Liga this year will want their revenge.

Champions League Final  Source

With this exciting match scheduled tomorrow, we decided to turn up the heat by going all in to study the fans of both these Spanish clubs with our interest affinity technology, TopicDNA. And here is what we found, some of which is sure to shock you.


 1. Atlético Madrid fans are nearly twice as much into sports as compared to Real Madrid fans.

Atletico vs Real

But it’s not just into sports in general, but specifically soccer as well! Whether it is the Champions League, English Premier League or any other soccer league for that matter, Atlético fans follow them much more than their Spanish rivals.

Here are some stats to prove this surprising point. Nearly 60% more Atlético fans support and follow both the Champions League and Premier League as compared to Real Madrid fans as shown below.

Atleti vs Real Soccer

2. Real Madrid fans are nearly twice as much into Arts and Entertainment as compared to Atlético fans.

Who would have thought Real Madrid fans are so much more into Arts and less into Soccer and Sports as compared to Atlético fans? It’s a good thing we have the stats to back this up! Within the Art and Entertainment segment, Real Madrid fans seem to favour American musicians such as (from left to right): Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and Wiz Khalifa.

Real Stars

In contrast, Atlético Madrid fans prefer local singers and YouTube stars like Alejandro Sanz and El Rubius a lot more than Real Madrid fans.

3. Atlético fans are social media mavens and Real fans are finance geeks!

19% more Atlético fans follow YouTube and Twitter and 44% more of Atlético fans follow Instagram as compared to Real fans.

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 9.56.41 pm
While Atlético fans scored much higher on the Social Media Topic compared to Real fans…

So what then are the Real fans actually doing while their Spanish counterparts spend their time on social media? They’re probably reading up on finance news and growing their financial wisdom based on our stats shown here.

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 9.57.55 pm
…they scored much lower in the Finance Topic.

So there you have it! Three shocking truths about Real Madrid and Atlético fans that you would have never guessed. But regardless of which team you support, you now have some interesting facts built on real data to ignite the fire before the battle begins tomorrow!


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