FA Cup Supporter Showdown

It’s the FA Cup final today, the world’s oldest football competition. And this time it’s another one of our hometown teams, Manchester United, playing against Crystal Palace!

If you’re a football nut, you’ll probably be reading about the potential strategies and tactics Crystal Palace can use to exploit United’s vulnerabilities. But we’re not here to talk about all that. This article will give you an exclusive scoop about the real-world interests of supporters from both sides.

TopicDNA, our interest affinity technology, was tasked to find out more about the proud supporters of both Manchester United and Crystal Palace ahead of this afternoon’s FA cup final match. And this is what we found:


1. Manchester United have more female supporters than Crystal Palace

In fact, United have more than twice the number of female fans compared to CPFC (nearly ¼ of all United supporters are female!). Here is how the exact stats match up:


United fans are also younger as well, with a higher percentage being in the 13 – 34 years old demographic range, whereas Palace fans are more on the 35 – 64 years old age scale.

2. Manchester United have 3x more supporters in the U.S. than Crystal Palace

And this stat shows why United is much more of a global brand than Crystal Palace. Because it has more supporters from all over the world! However, there is one country that CPFC is more popular than United, and that’s in Egypt. Here is a comparison of the top five countries that United supporters come from and the comparative percentage of CPFC fans from those same countries.


3. Manchester United fans love music but Crystal Palace fans are funnier


Yes Manchester United Supporters like music a lot more than Crystal Palace supporters. And here are some of their favourite musicians:

From left to right: Zayn Malik, Demi Lovato, Blake Shelton

However, Palace fans are much funnier than their United counterparts with comedians such as Kevin Hart and James Corden being some of their favourites.

4. While Man United Supporters are shutterbugs, Crystal Palace supporters are hardcore gamers


CPFC fans don’t discriminate when it comes to gaming, they love them all! Whether it is consoles such as the Xbox or PlayStation or games from developers such as Rockstar Games, Ubisoft or Electronic Arts, around 70% of all Crystal Palace supporters are playing them.

5. Crystal Palace fans are crazier about soccer compared to United fans.

Interestingly, Crystal Palace fans are not just more into video games but also into soccer when compared to United fans. This is very clear from specific statistics we observed, such as the fact that around 30% more Crystal Palace fans are following major soccer leagues such as the Premier League, Champions League and even the Fifa World Cup. United fans are just not that hardcore of footy fans as they also have a high interest in basketball (this might be due to United fans being more global).

MUFC fans scored lower across the board with these soccer accounts versus CPFC fans

Well, we hope you enjoyed this small sampling of the insights we gathered from analysing the interests of both MUFC and CPFC supporters.

Now, regardless of whether you are a Manchester United fan or Crystal Palace fan, we all know one thing. That this FA Cup final is going to be a cracking match not to be missed!


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