5 Interesting Findings about Manchester City and Arsenal Supporters

Man City vs Arsenal

It’s going to be a heated battle at the Etihad Stadium this Sunday with one of our hometown clubs, Manchester City, squaring off against Arsenal for the third spot in the English Premier League (EPL) and a guaranteed spot in the Champions League. To increase the stakes further, both Manchester United and West Ham United are hot on their heels in the table, making this a highly anticipated battle among Manchester City and Arsenal fans alike.

While people have been debating about who will win this exciting fixture, we decided to do something different by using TopicDNA. We used our interest affinity technology to find out more about the proud supporters of both Manchester City and Arsenal and compared them against each other. Here are some of the most interesting insights we found:


1. More Manchester City supporters reside in the U.K while more Arsenal supporters reside in the U.S.

Similarly, British and European celebrities such as David Guetta and Victoria Beckham are predominantly followed by Manchester City supporters. This is in contrast to American celebrities such as Zac Efron and Nick Jonas, which are more favoured by Arsenal soccer fans. We guess this also means that Arsenal are just a bit ahead of City in terms of being a truly global brand.

UK vs US


2. Manchester City supporters like hamburgers….a lot! Way more than their counterparts from Arsenal.

Yes, our reports highlight the fact that Manchester City supporters are more into hamburgers and junk food from fast food chains such as McDonald’s and Burger King. They like soft drinks a lot more too. So the next time you want to take your favourite Manchester City fan out for dinner, you know what to treat him/her with!


3. Manchester City supporters like playing video games, while Arsenal supporters prefer reading.

We found that 15% of all Manchester City supporters are particularly fond of playing FIFA football video games (don’t we all!). But did you know that City fans enjoy playing FIFA games an astounding 46% more than Arsenal fans!? Like we said before, they LOVE their football! Arsenal supporters, by contrast, are just a bit more academic than City fans, as they enjoy reading 14% more.

Man City Player


4. Many Manchester City fans love shopping for luxury brands.

It was clear from our report that Manchester City fans love luxury brands a lot more than Arsenal fans. Brands that City fans love range from Lacoste to Prada, and Gucci to Armani. However, there were three brands that City fans loved above the rest: Burberry, Dior and Louis Vuitton (7% of all Manchester City Supporters loved these three brands and this is up to 19% more than Arsenal supporters who like these same brands). I guess this stat doesn’t really help MCFC’s image amongst fans from the other EPL clubs!

Top Brands

5. Arsenal fans like visiting museums a lot more than City fans.

And now to our final point, this time about something Arsenal supporters really like! While Manchester City supporters may be seen as the more extravagant and fun ones, Arsenal supporters seem to be a bit more cultured. Though, only about 4% of Arsenal supporters regularly visit the Tate and National History Museums in London, this figure is up to 17% higher than City supporters visiting similar places.

National History Museum


Well, there you have it! The most interesting findings from our analysis comparing fans of both clubs. Now, regardless of which club you support, if you’re a fan of football we can definitely all agree on one thing….that MCFC vs Arsenal is going to be a cracking match! Game on!


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