3 Reasons Why You MUST Be on Instagram in 2016


It is a social media platform that 86% of all top brands use (Source). And this platform has a whopping 58 times higher engagement rates per follower as compared to Facebook for these top brands (Source). What is the platform we’re talking about? Instagram, of course! And here are 3 great reasons for you to jump on this social network for your brand if you’re still not on it yet.

1. The Number of Instagram Users has crossed 400 Million

Yes, long gone are the days in which the number of users on Instagram was below 100 million. The number of Instagram users has been growing year on year since its launch in late 2010 and has crossed 400 million active users as of September 2015 (Source).

Infographics_blog_Instagram-01 (1)

Looking at the consistency of user growth of Instagram, as well as the constant updates Instagram has been implementing every now and then to improve user experience (Source), it is expected to grow further in the years to come. And whenever such a high volume of users are active on a platform, isn’t it mandatory for marketers and businesses to be there as well?

2. Most people absorb visual content better than other forms of content

With Instagram remaining true to its core product of allowing people to share their photos and videos, there is no doubt that Instagram is a predominantly visual platform. And since 65% of people are visual learners (Source), they will tend to absorb something as visual as Instagram pictures better than plain text.

Infographics_blog_Instagram-03 (1)

Hence, this is an amazing opportunity for brands to put out their content and stories in the form of visuals to increase their awareness and outreach.

3. Algorithms don’t hide your content from being shown to everyone

And there’s more! Instagram doesn’t hide any of your visuals and content appearing on the main newsfeed of your followers like FB does. Every single follower you have on Instagram will get to see what you post on their newsfeed without you having to pay for this. Shouldn’t this be incentive enough for you to get on board? Oh wait. You also want to increase your website traffic? Simply link it out from your bio and tell your followers about it just like many top brands are doing! (Source)

These 3 major factors coupled with the fact that mobile-only internet users are starting to exceed desktop-only internet users in countries like the United States (Source) makes Instagram, that was born as an app, all the more lucrative for brands. After all these facts, it now comes as no surprise that 86% of top brands have Instagram accounts!


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