Hooray for adverts that are relevant to you

Understanding how and when to deliver the right content for great web and mobile experiences is essential if you really want your brand to be part of people’s life. So we’re constantly searching for ideas and solutions that make the digital journey feel relevant and less intrusive. There are simple tricks though, like the ad filters, that make the browsing experience feel a bit better with a no great effort.

So I’ve decided to feature as our first choice in the #ideaofthemonth series an add-on that we find useful and simple enough to be successful: AdPlus. We’d also like to support the startup’s initiative to launch AdGive, a mechanism to donate revenue money to charities.

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AdPlus is a desktop Chrome browser extension, that doesn’t just block the ads,  but filters the ones the user chooses not to see. The service is free and there’s no registration required, so it’s easy to just jump into testing. Right now, the extension looks for ads in the most common ad banner formats (468×60), skyscraper and the MPU (300×250) and blocks ads on Facebook and Google.

We went straight to the team who’s behind it, made up of Adam Freeman – Founder and Chynna Webley – Community Coordinator – to tell us more about themselves, the current interests and future plans of the startup. Here is what we found out:

Could you share a powerful insight from your users’ experience after installing AdPlus?

We recently conducted a survey amongst our users and found a small percentage of them had swapped to AdPlus because their adblocker had stopped working.

We took this information as people who want to see more relevant advertising and not block it all out – meaning there is definitely a market out there for our product. We want our users to be aware that they have complete control over their browsing and there are options other than completely eradicating adverts.

What motivation did you have for starting AdPlus?

Adam Freeman, Founder: “Previously, there was no in-between – you either put up with the adverts or eradicate them completely. Content owners are now being forced to put out more and more content, just so users can see more ads. However, they are not focusing on what their users actually want to see.

As a parent myself, it is worrying that children are increasingly becoming more tech savvy in this day and age. They have access to a variety of websites, but we don’t know what they could potentially be exposed to. Inappropriate ads may pop up that you wouldn’t want to your child to see. This leads to another question: do people actually care about ads, privacy or control? Looking at it, more and more users are starting to use ad blockers, which completely erase all trace of ads on the Internet. Meaning, that maybe they do actually care about what they see when they’re on the Internet. If they see ads that don’t necessarily appeal to them, it could disrupt their online experience, making them consider them as annoying. The key is to actually use adverts that are relevant to the user – which is where AdPlus comes in allowing users to control which adverts they do or don’t want to see.”

What is the USP that differentiate you from the competition?

There are quite a few. Firstly, our app is completely free. You don’t need an account to sign in making it very easy to use. There is no whitelisting of brands, meaning no brand gets preferential treatment. The use is given total control of their online experience.Most importantly, however, is that AdPlus is not an ad blocker – it filters ads you choose not to see and learns from your behaviours to give you the best possible online experience.

What information could we find on your blog?

We currently have three blog posts coming out every week covering a variety of topics. You can find posts on parenting, technology and general fun stuff. Although our product is central upon advertising, we aim to reach a wider audience with our posts.

What are your expectations and growth plans for AdPlus?

Our next plan is to launch AdGive, which is a way for people to donate money to charities just by being exposed to online advertising. We will give a percentage of our revenue to support various causes. Also, we plan to launch AdPlus on other browsers/devices within the next 6 – 12 months.

What was the last ad each member of the team blocked?

Adam: iPhone case ads from John Lewis

Chynna: Bodyshop ad



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