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We’ve got some exciting news. New year, new website, new additions to the team. This makes us super happy to welcome Ollie and Sindhuri in our Moment.Us gang of bubbly superheroes and cheerful unicorns. They have started doing a great job as Marketing and Communications interns and you’ll soon get to read some of their blog posts. Ollie will be our music comms guy. He will write about gigs, meet emerging artists, recommend new music discovered through Moment.Us. Sindhuri’s focus is research, feedback and media relations. And helping us out in some cool creative projects coming up next.

So here they are, letting you know in their own words a few things about themselves. But don’t forget you’re more than welcome to pop by our new offices if you want to hang around for a coffee or two. We’ve got the green, green grass on our side. 🙂

– Meet Ollie –

“My love for music started with my Mum. She is a great pianist and really good at improvising, as a child I would often fall asleep listening to her jamming downstairs. I started playing the violin at around nine years old but that only lasted until I was a teenager when I was given my first guitar –

an Epiphone SG, as played by Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin.

At nineteen I got the chance to go the The Antarctic for four months working on a research ship with the British Antarctic Survey. I decided to take an acoustic guitar with me as I knew there would quite a bit of time alone with not much to do. It was on this trip that I really feel in love with the acoustic guitar and it became a tool in which I could really express myself.

The year after I formed a band with my brother and three best friends. We spent four amazing years ‘being in a band’. We toured around Europe, recorded an album, saw some success but unfortunately it didn’t last. Money ran out, and like many bands out there we had to make the difficult decision to go our separate ways. Being in a band was incredible fun, but it also taught me so many valuable skills that I take with me today; managing four crazy people for example!

After the band, myself and band member Gareth Cobb decided we had not had enough with music. We approached The Princes Trust and managed to successfully secure a start up loan in which we used the money to build a music production studio in South East London. I managed The Fold Studios for five years and learnt my trade as a sound engineer and music producer. During my time at The Fold I worked with loads of awesome artists, played guitar for the likes of Duffy and Speech Debelle and produced tracks that have been featured on Radio 1 and various TV shows and adverts.

In early 2013 I sold my share of the business as I wanted to move into advertising and had decided to try for a masters degree in International Advertising at Manchester Metropolitan University. I was accepted, without a degree, which I later found out was quite unusual. I am now halfway through my studies and really enjoying every challenge. I am really excited to be working with Moment.Us as I feel it is a great platform to discover new music and also gives new emerging artists a great opportunity to get heard.

As well as music I am also a keen rock climber and photographer. I have a little photography blog using an old 1970s Pentax MX film camera that I picked up in a charity shop. Please follow this link if you would like to take a look at a few of my Moments.


– Meet Sindhuri –

“Music was not really a passion to me, but it did keep me alive to achieve my passion as Music to me is a source of life, a space to fill memories and a medium that connects you with emotions. Though I trained in Indian classical vocals for 5 years, I always loved to listen to music in colours as this helped me concentrate on my target which is the bull’s eye at a distance of 50 yards.

Confused ?1476114_10200736303272861_1974059649_n

I used music while I was practicing for my rifle shooting session. Imagining colours that go with the rock band genre and co-relating that to my target point helped me hit right in the eye.
Music to me is a motivation to capture images.
Listing to the 1930 Duke Ellington songs while walking down the sanctuary and forests for my wild life photography documentaries always gave me the inspiration to come out with a narrative picture.

Music is a provenance that keeps me intact with creativity. I still remember those engineering days where a hidden ear phone helped me write my first ever documentary. After completing my under grads in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and switched my field and took up mass communication and journalism as my masters degree. Gaining a little knowledge about the roots of media I choose Advertising to mark my Identity of being creative. Presently I am doing my Msc in International Creative Advertising at Manchester Metropolitain University.


So, again, welcome guys! We are happy to have you and looking forward to some crazy creative projects and amazing memories together.



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