TeenTech London: only one week away

TeenTech London is only one week away!

With this blog post we just want to recap the wonderful experience we had at the similar Manchester event and to say a big thank you again to Maggie Philbin for inviting us to the London edition as well, taking place on November 27th, at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, please find the map here.

So, a couple of weeks ago, we’ve completely ignored the grey Wednesday morning Manchester announced and happily put together our stand at the TeenTech Manchester event. We were ready to met with enthusiastic Y8/Y9 students and teachers from 30 schools across Greater Manchester and the North West. And we did! This came right before Halloween, so besides all the cool technology around us, we made sure we had candy as well 🙂

Moment.Us was there to showcase the technology that brought our app to life. We were delighted to provide the students with the opportunity not only to interact with the front-end of the app (which is one download away – try it here), but to go into a bit more detail on what is behind the processes that help us build online streaming radio stations. Being in the Insight Zone, the format allowed us to meet and interact with 12 groups of 5-6 students. We had 15 minutes to spend with each group, and I don’t know if that sounds a lot or not, but I’m telling you, it’s not. By the time you got used to the app, we sometimes had to choose in-between running games and offering prizes or answering your challenging questions! And every group reacted so differently one to another. We’ve uploaded some of the photos here, feel free to browse through.

One of the purposes of TeenTech is for young teenagers to discuss about live projects and tech and we were honored to share our experiences with them.  The Manchester edition of TeenTech was followed by a Post-16 Science Exhibition, an opportunity for students to find out more about careers within Science and Technology. Mihai and David tried to answer in-depth any of the technical questions that were raised during the afternoon session.

Thank you again for having us again, this time in London. If you have any questions you might want to address in advance, seize the opportunity and drop us an email at hello@wearemoment.us. We read and reply to all the emails as soon as possible.



Moment.Us App


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