Intense brain power activity upcoming: Startup Weekend

We’re 2 days away from all the buzzin’ vibe of Manchester Startup Weekend (Nov 22nd – 24th), one of our favourite type of events (and this one is for #MCRTOP5)! Three days of intense brainstorming, pitching, execution and team work. We love its concept because we understand it (oh!) so well. We’ve never attended a hackathon as a team, but all our past experiences have these sort of events in their DNA. We also like them because we think they bring out in people:

  • Vitality. It’s presented as a 54-hour event. That gives a very quantifiable feature to the notion of “time”. You know exactly how much time you have. Actually how much time it seems like you don’t have.
  • Initiative. All the developers, designers, marketers, product managers and startup enthusiasts who come together to share ideas are current or future entrepreneurs. It’s in their blood to start things. The interesting part gets to how they continue things.
  • Sweat. These days are about team work and team synergy as much as bringing out ideas. So anyone attending will sweat not only bouncing ideas and typing stuff like lunatics, but also about convincing fellow teammates that an idea is valuable. F-a-s-t.

We’ve been through that. Moment.Us wouldn’t have been called by Miles Lambie (Collider12) the “local heroes” if we wouldn’t actually understand so well all of the above. It’s 02:32am when I’m writing this blog post, David takes from time to time 48 hours non-sleeping sessions, Sarah catches 5:05am trains, Mihai drinks his extra-large mugs of English breakfast way before breakfast and Andrew challenges his “PhD vs CEO” daily job on his train from Manchester to London and back. I think we fit the scenery.

Andrew is also one of the Coaches (check the full list here). And the team will be around. So feel free to drop by our place as well (since TechHub is our office) and say hello. If you’ve got any questions in advance, please drop Andrew and email at He’ll do his best to reply as soon as possible. We wish everyone loads of luck!


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