How our Collider12 story began: anticipating the “Fuelling your startup” event.

ColliderSeptember 2012. One of the top floor meeting rooms of University of Manchester MBS West. That room one day and a different one the next. It didn’t matter to us as things just happened throughout that building regardless where we set up shop. During those weeks of autumn, Andrew was presenting a new approach on a prototype the company had been building over the past year. A pivot that would ask us to set aside all the work we had already done. Everyone started asking questions such as “where did that feature go?”, “why do we let go of that?”, and most of the sentences started with “Yes, but..”. Then Andrew explained that he hasn’t just flushed months of work down the drain, but that sometimes people just aren’t ready for something too dramatically different and too advanced. Every disruptive theory reiterates this. So we needed something simpler.

And when we all realised what Andrew was suggesting was actually a step in the process and not the process, everything made perfect sense.

This very idea got us into Collider12, a B2Brand startup accelerator. This experience meant for us, at the end of almost 9 months together, more than just a cold stash of money. For us it meant getting to meet a wonderful and dedicated team, have access to mentoring and advice and a constant link to the startup environment in London.

After receiving our seed funding of £100,000 in March 2013, we managed to build our dream mobile app (where you can download here), get an office at the coolest and friendliest co-working space in central Manchester, and grow and strengthen our team – Sarah and Ioana are here to stay. While some only helped us for a small amount of time, your efforts were crucial to our success and we thank all of you!

We can honestly say that we have learned a lot this year, with a couple of “firsts” mixed in with a lot of “not agains”. We met the top-level management teams of Unilever, Bauer Media and Mindshare and pitched our ideas. But most importantly, this boost of trust from Collider12 made us even more determined to never stop until our vision of the Moment.Us experience is delivered in full.

Andrew will go into more detail today about how the process took place, starting 6.30pm. here at TechHub Machester.  He will talk about his own (and the team’s) experiences within Collider12 in more depth, our expectations, how he found out about the programme, the key people we met, the experiences with the other teams in the programme, our ups and downs and why we would wholeheartedly recommend Collider13, the next iteration of the programme to the determined entrepreneurs, the crazy innovators and most importantly, the ones that do things rather than just talk about them.

So why not apply today? Collider13 is now live and ready to accept applications on F6S!  You only have 7 days left, so start asking yourself what questions you might have for the Q&A tonight. The panelists will be at TechHub Manchester starting at 6.30pm, and if the talk about how to get funding doesn’t sound scary enough, join us for the networking session after the talk over some beer and pizza in a spooky Halloween mood.

If you can’t attend today, you can always drop Andrew an email at He’s one of those really helpful and friendly entrepreneurs that are happy to share thoughts and experiences.



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