Moment.Us at Social Media Week London


Today Andrew Ko, CEO Moment.Us is attending Social Media Week in London to get involved into a conversation around the changes in the way people interact with each other and how music changes and innovates that. The session will be moderated by Chris Maples, VP Europe of Spotify. Andrew, CEO Moment.Us will bounce ideas with a crop of the finest music industry experts, including Rafe Offer (Sofar sounds), JJ (The Art of Noise), Matt Brawn, (Defected Records) and Glenn Cooper (Island Records).

The session starts at 4.30PM BST and will be live streamed on the Like Minds website. All of our team is very excited to be part of this ongoing conversation as we’re highly motivated to find the right way to define music as a social enhancer that brings people together through emotions.

Moment.Us is aiming to offer tailored music experiences that feel natural, that fit people’s mood, that the users don’t find intrusive. Our idea of connectivity is build upon what we think defines us the most, as individuals: our experiences and emotions and how we deal with them, if we ignore them, express them or over-emphasize them. We are proposing more than just a music discovery and radio streaming app, we are aiming to create experiences. Only time will tell how Moment.Us will fit into people’s lives. So can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks of our vision and to improve and chisel our approach to music consumption based on people’s genuine reactions with the app.

The app has been approved last week in the official Apple App Store and is ready for download today.

Please help us deliver that beautiful personal experience we’re aiming for! Visit, download Moment.Us from Apple App Store and give us a shout (email, Twitter, Facebook) with any thoughts you might have.

Moment.Us Team


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