The right team. The right culture.

CYMERA_20130809_235840Last week was a cool one at Moment.Us. An important one also: our second private Beta testing  session, a couple of very cool meetings with top Mancunian creatives and content creators who have seen the app and are looking forward to using it, fixing more important bugs and officially launching the new Moment.Us website.

And while waiting for the final sign off from the music labels, on Friday we went out for drinks! (highfive) Not too far away from the office, still “in the zone”, but replacing the screens with some glasses for a couple of hours was really, really fun! This is us, and this is why we get along so well, we never have those moments of awkward silence. Oh, and there’s something else, we share the same kind of sense of humour. Might be because our mix of cultures (Canadian, American, Romanian and Russian) have more things in common than we would have ever thought of. Or it might just be that we get along. Who cares as long as we feel comfortable and happy when we’re spending time together.

And we’re still proud of all the erudite conversations we had. You have to click on some of these links to believe us! We debated on the claim that air makes you fat, on the funny-but-not-funny pranks of this stupid maze game , directed or not, and shared stories about Dracula’s castle in Romania, of course (Toni even crafted a paper pet bat-shaped for Vlad).


We’ll keep you updated on the team news.

The official launch of the app is getting closer and closer each day and we’ve got good reasons to be happy and confident when it happens.


Speak soon.



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