“And you feel like it’s a beautiful day”

As I write these lines, grey clouds have filled the sky and rain begins to trickle down my window. I am settled on my comfy couch with a warm cup of coffee and decide to play classic jazz to both compliment the surroundings and aid my writing. With music playing in the background somehow everything around me looks more beautiful. The notes stir up a mix of nostalgia, emotions, inspirations and voila suddenly words are briskly flowing on my notebook. Amazing, what magic music can work given its relevance to our environment, emotions and dispositions!

In essence, music has been one of our dearest possessions, a companion and a friend capable of inspiring awe, bridging our escapes, helping usimage

believe that happiness lies in following dreams, that hearts don’t need a reason to skip beats and that people around us are laudable. After all, in the push of common existence, we all want to pause and sing the right song to a moment worth clinging on to.

At Moment.Us we seek to wield the treasures of moments and experiences with the power of Music! We aim to enrich your lives and help you feel & express a lot more by playing music sensitive to your context. Imagine adding excitement, calm, adoration, freedom or laughter to a casual or the most significant time through music! Ready to discover, play and share the soundtrack of your life?!

– Samra

Soundtrack: “Beautiful Day” by U2


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Preceptiv has created technology that can determine people’s personalities by analyzing the music they listen to. It works by combining music data with decades of psychological research, demographics and behavioural data to determine personality. It’s the first technology of its kind, and is easily integrated into mobile apps. Personality is another psychometric variable that can be used to understand people on a deeper level so they can be served more relevant and personalised mobile experiences. Visit http://www.preceptiv.co for more details.

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