“Rewritten by machine and new technology…”

I attended the Intellect Consumer Electronics Conference recently in London. It brings together the entire entertainment ecosystem to share lessons learned, discuss interesting ideas and plan for the future in helping to shape the market’s future.  The event is in its 8th year and here’s what it looked like in the conference room:


All the speakers and topics were interesting, but I must admit I was most interested in the one about the future of radio and how this medium needs to reinvent itself to compete in today’s increasingly digital media world.


Some of the most interesting quotes from this session included:

“There is a tendency to take radio for granted”

“Radio’s always been dead simple”

“Radio’s always been a participative medium”

Most of these quotes came from Mark Friend, the controller of multiplatforms & interactive radio for the BBC, who seemed like a big advocate in trying to use the latest advances in technology to help bring radio up to speed in the 21st century.


I caught up with him after the conference but unfortunately only had about 2 minutes to speak as he was in a rush. However, what I did manage to tell him about Moment.Us, he was very interested in and I’m hoping that his schedule will allow me to talk to him further in the next few weeks.

How Moment.Us fits into all of this

Everything he said and the features he wants radio to have in the future we are already building into our platform.

  • Turn it on and instantly start playing relevant and personalized music? Check.
  • Discover new songs and artists based on music that matters to you? Check.
  • Have a system that knows what you want to listen to and when you want to listen to it? Check.

The beauty of our platform is that we’re recreating the easy lean-back music discovery experience of radio in the front end, powering it with revolutionary technology in the back end, while still keeping it personal and relevant to the listener so they are able to emotionally connect with it.

It’s powerful, yet simple.

We really can’t wait to show you what we have up our sleeves!

– Andrew

Soundtrack: “Video Killed The Radio Star” by The Buggles.


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Preceptiv has created technology that can determine people’s personalities by analyzing the music they listen to. It works by combining music data with decades of psychological research, demographics and behavioural data to determine personality. It’s the first technology of its kind, and is easily integrated into mobile apps. Personality is another psychometric variable that can be used to understand people on a deeper level so they can be served more relevant and personalised mobile experiences. Visit http://www.preceptiv.co for more details.

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