We Are Moment.Us

We create applications that enable consumers to discover, select, curate, recommend, share, consume and purchase exactly the right media for exactly the right moment.

We unlock the power of contextual data to discover insights and drive improvements in media consumption across multiple platforms, channels, audiences and devices.

We provide content creators and publishers, telco and media companies, device manufacturers and consumer brands the power to understand their customers more deeply in order to provide highly personalised and incredibly rich products, services and experiences.


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Preceptiv has created technology that can determine people’s personalities by analyzing the music they listen to. It works by combining music data with decades of psychological research, demographics and behavioural data to determine personality. It’s the first technology of its kind, and is easily integrated into mobile apps. Personality is another psychometric variable that can be used to understand people on a deeper level so they can be served more relevant and personalised mobile experiences. Visit http://www.preceptiv.co for more details.

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